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Is this service really free?

I can't enter my banner URL? How do you "browse" the image?

How do I get the Jawa Trader HTML code onto my webpages?

I lost my code!

I lost my password!

Where can I get a banner?

Where can I get a FREE Star Wars Website?

What are the sizes and file formats you accept?

How do I earn credits?

I have a new banner and would like to use it, how do I add it to my Jawa Trader account?

If, at a later date, I decide to discontinue using Jawa Trader, is that allowed?

Where is my account??

Is this service really free?
We're not kidding! Jawa Trader Banner Exchange is FREE, with absolutely no strings attached! Jawa Trader Banner Exchange is paid for by our sponsors, so be sure to visit their sites from any banner you see within the Jawa Trader Banner Exchange website.
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I can't enter my banner URL. What is that "browse" Button?
In an effort to help those sites hosted by "image exclusive" servers, (That means that you can only see images on say, Geocities on a Geocities site), We now upload ALL BANNERS. This means faster load times for your site.

To upload a banner, instead of entering your URL, you will need to click the "browse" button. This will ask you to locate your banner on your hard drive. Once the image is located, click OK, and your banner's address will automatically be entered. Upon finishing your sign-up, your banner will be saved to our server. This is similar to adding an attachment to an email.

If you experience problems, please email your user name and banner url to us, and we will upload it for you.
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How do I get the JTBE HTML code 
onto my web pages?
Upon joining Jawa Trader Banner Exchange you will be given an HTML code . You may also generate multiple HTML codes to place onto each of your pages, and have up to 99 per member account. By placing a separate code on each of your webpages you will eliminate browser caching, and also track statistics for each webpage.

Tere is a small bug in the program... there are 4 places to change your linking code, not just two. This extra code helps prevent caching of banners.
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I lost my code!
Your can get your code at:

I lost my Password!
You can retreive your password by clicking on the lost password link in the navagation bare.  Your password be sent to you. (or click here)
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Where can I get a FREE Website?
Our partnership with HOLOSITES.COM  gives you free Star Wars Websites with easy to remember addresses: http://yourname.holosites.com.  

I don't have a banner. Where can I one?
We've teamed with Crecon to help you make banners! This free banner creator has Star Wars themes especially for Jawa Trader 
Visit the Jawa Trader Banner Maker!

We also recommend Cool Text

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What are the sizes and formats you accept?
All banners must be in .jpg or .gif format and should not exceed 15k (we prefer >10k). Your banner must be 120x60 pixels. We always review their account information before we allow their website's banner to be displayed. Your banner must be 120x60 pixels in size. That means 120 pixels in width and 60 pixels in height. If you don't have a banner that size, get one! (see previous question). If you don't have one that meets these requirements a few days after joining, we reserve the right to fix your banner or even remove your account.
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How do I earn credits?
We record each time a banner has been shown on your site, and how many time your banner is shown. For every three banners you show, you get two showings of your banner! A   3:2 percentage of credits is one of the best exchanges available!. A credit is automatically used when our banner program displays your banner on another website in the Banner Exchange. The more credits you have, the more times your banner will be displayed on other websites. Plus, you earn 1000 just for joining!

How do I add a new banner?
Simply log-in to your account and replace your old banner with your new banner. Please be patient, as all banners are reviewed before being approved, to ensure that they are indeed pointing to Star Wars sites.
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If, at a later date, I decide to quit Jawa Trader? 
You may cancel your membership with us at anytime. In order to do this we ask that you  log-in to your account and check the "delete account" box.
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Where is my account?
When you sign up, you must use a valid email address, and have our code on the page you have specified. (There are exceptions, such as opening splash pages, etc that link directly to the page that has the code). If the link is not easily found, your account may be deleted. Artificially inflating your hits is also grounds for removal. Placing your banner on a page meant to generate hits only without an easily apparent way to get to your site is a form of cheating, pages with auto refreshes, and sites or pages that must be refreshed constantly to get information may also be removed. Such pages are search pages, chat room and bulletin boards. Hits are monitored, and cheating can be easily tracked. Please don't waste other membersí views by giving your self delusions of grandeur! Any banner or account may be removed at Jawa Traders discretion, and without warning.

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If you have not found an answer to your question, please E-mail us!

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